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    Texas Driving Record:  Your Texas driving record has a tremendous influence on the price you pay to keep your driver's license in good standing, as well as the price you pay for auto insurance.  Therefore, it's important to protect your driving record by driving safely, taking defensive driving whenever possible if you do get a ticket, and reviewing it every now and then to make sure the information it contains is accurate.
  Businesses:  Check your employees driving record.  Remember - your employees represent you, your business and your liability exposure.     
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Make Sure you get you Certificate & Driving Record to the Court on Time!
Most courts in Texas require a certified Type 3A Driving Record.  Comedy Speed Relief allows you to order you Certified Driving Record directly through us, and receive it via e-mail with 24 hours*.  Order your Driving Record before 3pm CST, and you can have your driving record the same day via- e-mail.  No Pickups or deliveries on weekends or holidays.

If we can not process your driving record for any reason, we guarantee that we will issue a full refund.


* This is where to look for the Audit Numbers  






Terms and Conditions:  Not all driving records can be pulled from the Texas database.  Once an order is placed with DPS the order is non-refundable. CSR must pay the DPS a fee to obtain your Driving Record and therefore once we have ordered it there are no refunds.  If the data does not match, we will make a full refund, less the PayPal fees assessed.

In most cases, delivery can be made within 24 hours, however not guaranteed.  Comedy Speed Relief processes driving records daily Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm.Mail, Next Day and 2-day deliveries will only be processed Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm.  If order is processed but data does not match, CSR will refund, less Papal fee.


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* prices & dates subject to change without notice.